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Carpet Remnant Buyers Guide:

Although it may seem overwhelming, shopping for a remnant is quite simple!

1.  Take a glance at the few styles we have in our collection. We have numerous colors, styles, and materials to choose.

2.  Identify the size you like; 5x8, 4x6, 6x9,8x10, 3x5 are all standard sizes but we can customize to any size.

3. Review the size of the remnant to make sure it fits your desires for a piece of carpet! If you want it cut down, we can do that for a $25 dollar fee!

4. Place a payment for the remnant.

5. We will then reach out in an e-mail to see what binding color you would like for your remnant.

6. In a very short amount of time, we will then e-mail you to say that the remnant is ready and will give you a tracking number.

7. The carpet then arrives to your door!


- What is a carpet remnant?

A carpet remnant is leftover material from a custom cut or the excess from a roll order. Typically these materials find their ways into landfills; this is where we come in. We try to help  these high end materials make their way into homes rather than hurting the ecosystem in a landfill!

- Are these materials used or seconds?

      No they are first quality material. They are typically designer quality material that are too small or simply were the remains of a custom cut for a hallway or stair runner.

- What kind of finished project are these remnants used for?

These remnants are typically used for area rugs, runners, and even stair runners in your home! They are at a discounted price but retain their high end and durable value.

- What is the cheapest way to get a new area rug or stair runner?

Remnants are the easiest and cheapest way to get a new piece of flooring in your home! A remnant is a leftover piece of carpet from a custom order of material that many companies end up placing in the landfill. As a green company, we try to use all scraps of material and sell heavily discounted pieces of carpet to avoid being placed in a disposal.  It is the best way to purchase designer material for wholesale pricing!

- What sizes do you offer? Can they be customized?

Remnants come in a variety of sizes; anywhere from a small entry rug to large area rugs and stair runners. There is also a wide variety of styles and compositions. Synthetic, wool, and indoor/outdoor material are all common remnants that can be found! Animal print, geometric, stria, and textured styles are common remnants as well!

- What is the process of picking a remnant for my home?

There are two options for selecting a remnant! Visit CarpetRemnant.com to see our cheapest remnants that can be delivered straight to your door! The second options is to come by one of our two showrooms and see what we have for selection. When you identify the size and/or style, our experienced staff can point you in the correct direction for what you desire. Once a remnant is selected, we then decide on what type of binding you would like (narrow, wide, serging, or leather) and what color of binding works for you as well. Decide where you would like to pick the rug up from our two locations, and simply place a deposit on the remnant! We stay in touch throughout the whole process and alert you as to when the rug is complete and ready for pick up as well!

Return Policy

Can only be refunded within 14 days of recieving the product. Customer must ship back the product to our location at 13 Robbie Road, Unit 4A, Avon, MA, 02322. Only when the product has been recieved can a refund be issued to the customer. 

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